Michael Joa Verwertungs GmbH & Co. KG

Michael Joa Verwertungs GmbH & Co. KG النهاية Merzig:

Firma Michael Joa Verwertungs GmbH & Co. KG handelt seit über 10 Jahren mit Industriewaren aller Art.

السيد Michael Joa
Trierer Straße 38
66663 Merzig

المزيد من الإعلانات المبوبة وعروض الآلات:
ضاغط برغي
ضاغط برغي Mattei AC30 H Plus

Mattei AC30 Plus Manufacturer: Mattei Engine power [kW]: 35.8 Maximum pressure [bar]: 10 Effective delivery rate [m3/min]: 4.67 (at 10 bar) Year of construction: 2018 Last mainten... ...

ضاغط برغي
ضاغط برغي Hydrovane HV15RS incl. Kältetrockner & Speicher

Hydrovane HV15RS Manufacturer: Hydrovane Motor power [kW]: 15 Maximum pressure [bar]: 11 Effective delivery rate [m3/h]: 33 (at 10 bar) Bxcm0Aivlu Year of construction: 2009 Comp... ...

ضاغط برغي
ضاغط برغي BOGE C15F

Boge C15F Bw9Qtsqm3W Manufacturer: BOGE Motor power [kW]: 11 Maximum pressure [bar]: 8-13 Effective delivery rate [m3/min]: 1.53 (at 10 bar) Year of construction: 2014 Last mainte... ...

نظام الضاغط اللولبي شنايدر
نظام الضاغط اللولبي شنايدر SCHNEIDER AMD 7,5 XVS CE

Type: AMD 7,5 XVS CE Year of construction: 2019 Condition: function-tested, very good, used - integrated refrigeration dryer - pressure max. 13 bar The system is located in a joine... ...

ضاغط بي دبليو بي
ضاغط بي دبليو بي BWB

Year of manufacture: 2003 Condition: functionally tested, very good, used - Suction capacity 450 l - Boiler capacity 270 l - Pressure max. 11 bar The compressor is located in a car... ...

ضاغط برغي
ضاغط برغي BOGE S20-2 und C9

A complete compressed air system will be auctioned: Bwvsdf3Sr0 Boge S 20-2 Operating hours: approx. 5144 Customer service 8/24 Boge C 9 Operating hours: 2975 Compressed air tank: ... ...

ضاغط برغي
ضاغط برغي Kaeser ASD 57

The Kaeser ASD 57 is an energy-efficient screw compressor designed for reliable compressed air supply in industrial applications and is characterized by its compact design and quie... ...

نظام الضاغط أطلس كوبكو نوع GA15VSD
نظام الضاغط أطلس كوبكو نوع GA15VSD Atlas Copco GA15 VSD

compressor: 15 kW Max. pressure: 12.75 bars dryer: Airgroup Type AGD 21-1008 Dpgk2X operating hours: approx. 26,000 hours Atlas Copco GA15VSD screw compressor system with dryer and... ...

ضاغط لولبي
ضاغط لولبي Mark RMD 55/13 G

The compressor is checked and serviced. The machine is in good condition. Dpf8Qd... ...

ضاغط لولبي
ضاغط لولبي KAESER SXC 6

KARSER SXC 6 screw compressor Bvg99O9C70 Year: 2014 Operating hours: 5913 h Max. operating pressure 16 bar... ...

ضاغط برغي
ضاغط برغي Aircraft A-K-MAX 5,5-10-270 (IE3)

Aircraft A-K-MAX 5.5-10-270 (IE3) screw compressor Compact screw compressor with constant speed and innovative LOGIN control. TECHNICAL DATA General information Effective deliver... ...

ضاغط برغي
ضاغط برغي Kaeser CSD 122 SFC

Pressure: 8.5 bar; FAD 2.5 - 11.42m3/min; Rated motor power: 75 kW; Operating/load hours: 74335/66912; Last maintenance: 4.6.2024; Dimensions: 1052x2260x1865mm; Weight: 1670 kg; fr... ...

المكبس الهوائي
المكبس الهوائي Kaeser ASD 32T

Kaeser ASD 32T packaged air compressor (2008) Dpfss2... ...

ضاغط هواء بقوة 37 كيلو وات
ضاغط هواء بقوة 37 كيلو وات Kaeser BSD 75T SFC 37kW

Kaeser BSD 75T SFC 37kW air compressor (2014) Dpfssr... ...

ضاغط لولبي خالي من الزيت بقدرة 160 كيلو واط
ضاغط لولبي خالي من الزيت بقدرة 160 كيلو واط ALMIG SIMPLEXX 160 LK (8,6 bar)

oil-free, two-stage 160 kW screw compressor ALMIG SIMPLEXX 160 LK (air-cooled) Built: 2019 (delivery time 2 weeks) Operating hours: 0 h Furnishing: -Controller: Air Control HighEn... ...


Frequency-controlled screw compressor with refrigeration dryer and compressed air tank Screw compressor principle Effective delivery rate Nl/min 1,370 Dpfkkz Number of compressor... ...

ضاغط لولبي
ضاغط لولبي Atlas Copco G4FF

ATLAS COPCO G4FF 3Kw 2022c screw compressor Screw compressor ATLAS COPCO G4FF machine with air dryer on 200L tank after service. Technical data: capacity: 517 L/min; 4 KW motor... ...

ضاغط لولبي
ضاغط لولبي Kaeser SK26

SCREW COMPRESSOR KAESER SK26 KAESER AIRTOWER screw compressor machine with air dryer after service Technical data: capacity: 2.20 m3/min (2200/min); motor power; 15 KW; Dpfi9L ... ...

ضاغط لولبي
ضاغط لولبي Kaeser CS121

KAESER CS121 75Kw screw compressor ! Screw compressor KAESER CS121 machine after service Technical data: capacity: 10.50 m3/min motor power;75 KW; Btl3O8Njte pressure: 10 bar ... ...

ضاغط برغي
ضاغط برغي Renner RSDK-B 5,5 - 10 bar

Exhibit in stock immediately available (Plug and Play): RENNER RSK-B 5.5 - 10 bar oil-injected screw compressor with integrated refrigerant dryer with automatic Drain with 270 lite... ...

ضاغط لولبي
ضاغط لولبي Renner RS 15

RENNER RS 15 SCREW COMPRESSOR Variable speed ( Inverter) 15 kw motor Capacity 1,96 m3/min Pressure 10 BAR, Year of production 2013 Dpe2Pz Screw stage 2017r Mileage 77 Mtg C... ...

ضاغط لولبي
ضاغط لولبي Atlas Copco GA 37 VSD ff

ATLAS COPCO GA 37 VSD ff screw compressor Variable speed, (inverter) With refrigerant dryer 37 kW motor Capacity 7.25 m3/min Pressure 13 bar Mileage 13200 hours The compress... ...

نظام الضاغط اللولبي
نظام الضاغط اللولبي

consisting of: 1 screw compressor, BOGE make, type: SLF30/3, 1 screw compressor, BOGE make, type: S15, 1 compressed air receiver, BOGE make, year 2002, serial no. FB53414V, volume:... ...

ضاغط برغي
ضاغط برغي BOGE Kompressoren C9-270DR(Air compressor) and DS14-2 (Air

BOGE Kompressoren Receiver-mounted Air Compressor and Air Dryer. Model - C9-270DR(Air compressor) and DS14-2 (Air dryer). Dpexed Date of manufacture - 2019. Condition - Good, ex-... ...

ضاغط برغي
ضاغط برغي kaeser SIGMA CONTROL 2

Used but functional compressor for sale due to closure of business near Hanover. The machine shows signs of use due to its age. It is bought as seen without guarantee, warranty and... ...