Beck GmbH Tiefdruckzylinder

Beck GmbH Tiefdruckzylinder النهاية Lahr:

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السيد Uwe Beck
Frankenstr. 16
77933 Lahr

المزيد من الإعلانات المبوبة وعروض الآلات
خط كلفاني

Used machines for galvanic in excellent condition. Bdqoxz8tce8... ...

خط الطلاء الكهربائي SESSLER 26/35

Sessler Galvanotechnik GmbH & Co. KG Electroplating plant with 26 tanks and 35 stations Year of construction: 1995 Maintenance: carried out annually, last time 04.2023 Basin size:... ...


The offer concerns: 1. an automatic line for electroplating (using pendants) of the following products: steel, brass, copper, bronze and nickel-plated ABS by applying electroplatin... ...

مصنع أنودة - الطلاء الكهربائي Schlötter

Plant with automatic goods transport for the processing of of rack goods Size: 41 stations - Type of construction: 1-lane transfer system with loading and unloading point at 1 ... ...

خط أنودة 81 م 2 / ساعة Drabex Anodising line

Semi-automatic anodizing line Possible to anodise profiles up to 6,20m Lenght of bathtub 6,80m Width from 0,5m to 1,4m Area necessary for the foundation 25m x 10m Line... ...

خط الألومنيوم المؤكسد الآلي

LINE IS DISMANTLED. Bgrezc2s3n Fully automated anodising line. Material dimensions of up to 1,5 x 1,4 x 0,5m to be anodised. Computer controlled processes with Siemens S7 controlle... ...